Welcome to EasternTaxi!

Eastern Taxi is a premier taxi service company serving Miami-Dade County and we are ready to pick you up from these locations: Miami Beach, Brickell, Sunny Isles, Miami Shores, Key Biscayne, North Miami Beach and close by locations. We have a wide range of vehicles to select from including, van to accommodate a group if needed and regular taxi cab. We are always open and ready to answer your call and pick you up on time. We take every clients seriously from start to finish. Call Now!

Safety is Our Main Concern 

Many people will jump into a cheaper taxi in order to save money, but these taxis do not necessarily have the proper license for driving the taxi. These drivers are usually in a hurry due to company demands and put the customer’s lives at stake while driving like a mad man around the city. This is something you will never have to worry about with Miami Shores Taxi. We have all drivers properly licensed and they compromise on safety.

Other than properly licensed taxi driver, there is an additional test that has to be passed so the driver can obtain their taxi license. Another important safety concern is the vehicle maintenance of the taxi. A taxi is basically driven all day, every day, which means the miles and wear rack up quicker then a normal vehicle. If the taxi is not serviced regularly, major vehicular problems go undetected – like say, a brake issue. This will put everyone’s safety in harm’s way. At Eastern maintenance, upkeep is a big deal because they want to make sure there are no problems while the customer is getting to the desired destination.

Carrying the proper insurance is always a major concern. The insurance that a taxi driver is required to to carry is different from that required for a personal vehicle. The insurance for a taxi covers everyone that is in the taxi as long as the driver is not carrying more passengers then they are permitted to, by law. Accidents rarely happen due to all these safety measures.  However, when they do so, it is important that everyone is covered for anything possible injuries. When you jump into just any taxi you are taking a risk – there may not be proper insurance.. At Eastern Taxi, all insurance is up-to-date and each driver knows the limit of passengers they can haul at one time.

We have a process that each taxi driver has to go through before they are given the correct license for hauling customers around the city. A background check is run on each driver to make sure they will be the perfect match for the company. Drivers are also given a physical examination to make sure they are in shape for driving – including excellent coordination skills, timing abilities, and overall physical health.

North Miami Beach Taxi has you covered from the minute you sit down in one of our taxis. Our drivers are thoroughly inspected to make sure they have the proper health and are law abiding. Every taxi has the proper insurance and every driver has the required license. Our main concern is each customer’s safety and we do everything possible to ensure this at all times. We want to be remembered for the outstanding service you received not for putting your life in danger! Give us a call or book your next taxi online and get ready to be impressed!!!